Saturday, April 18, 2009


Saturday was awesome thanks to Lisa Marie Owens and my famous vegetarian chili. I parallel-parked downtown Lake Worth and strolled over to Lisa's new salon, the oldest known salon in Lake Worth, and since Renee is busy with life right now, had her fix my mop. Lisa told me she used to be in the first Burlesque troupe to ever grace South Florida, and she recently stumbled across an original Speakeasy right there in Lake Worth. Afterwards, I took a walk downtown, admired an orchid shop and several restaurants mixed with art boutiques, and stopped in at the Soma Center for some homemade granola and yogurt. I sat on a bench in downtown Lake Worth and took in the vibe.

The evening was dedicated to the UFC fight, and we had friends pop over the house for it. I made homemade vegetarian chili with cornbread muffins, and homemade salsa. Yum.

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