Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11th

Saturday morning we woke up early and met our Captain down by the pier. We got a great deal for a day of parasailing, jetskiing, snorkeling, etc. It was a hilarious day, and although the sun was hidden behind some clouds, Liz and Julie got a pretty awful sunburn. Later in the evening, after a nap and some pool time, we went out to Irish Kevin's. Unfortunately Liz had a wicked heat stroke and blacked out in the middle of the bar, and then threw up outside. It was so scary to see someone you care about take a fall like that, knowing she wasn't intoxicated. So we all ventured back to the hotel, ordered pizza and watched a movie. It was a nice evening after all, and a reality check for the purpose of the trip which was a bonding experience with our friend-family.

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