Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday April 4th

Saturday we spent most of the morning recovering from a long night on Friday. We hardly slept in our crappy hotel room, and rolled out of bed around 11 to grab some food (and pina coladas). We ended up at the Undertow and then the Don Cesar (which is probably the only classy hotel in St. Pete) where I miraculously found the only VERY LARGE snake on the property, stepped on it, screamed, stepped on it again as I danced away, and then finally screamed so loud that both pools full of people stopped to stare at me. I didn't know whether to panic, freak out, throw up, feel sorry for the snake, or die from embarrassment. I chose the latter two and we kept drinking.

We stopped just long enough to take a nap before dinner at Ceviche. Oh. My. God. Ceviche. Is. AMAZING. I cannot think of anything better in the world then Tapas and Sangria in a quaint cottage-style restaurant with dim lighting and uneven cobblestone floors.

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