Sunday, April 26, 2009

Relationship Weight

So this weekend I went rollerblading to pick up dinner ingredients from the local organic grocery store, and found myself stupidly climbing up onto a scale. Part of my frustration and the reason for wanting to drink margaritas not once but twice this weekend, was due to this particular moment. A look of bewilderment, and 8 lbs later, I stumbled off feeling as though I hadn’t really seen those near double-digits staring back at me. No, I didn’t forget and roll around on the scale with my rollerblades on; I’ve merely been resting my sweet ass into a relationship. Work out as I may, that damn relationship weight sure did sneak up on me. Although I’ve always been an active person I definitely go through my ups and downs, as most of us women do, in the weight department. But never before have I seen such a large spike in my weight so quickly. Yet another setback to gaining (pun intended) on my 30th birthday.

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