Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday April 3rd

Friday! We drove to St. Pete Beach today to meet up with some of Boyfriend's friends. Some of the fun and ironic highlights of the night were a) you arrive in St. Pete only to find out that your crappy hotel choice #1 does not take AMEX, so you move on to seek out alternate crappy hotel choice #2 which DOES take AMEX, yet does not provide soap in the bathrooms. b) chicas you are with coin the term, "Big Girl" in reference to your protective nature and willingness to confront those that bang on their bathroom doors (note: Strongbow beer in hand) yet when "Big Girl" shots come around, you no longer claim this as your name c) T, boy-genius (literally) drinks far too much and projectile-barfs outside of Liz's condo...yet he's able to contain himself for the entire 35 minute cab ride home...oh, and did you catch the mention that he is a genius? yep.

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