Saturday, June 6, 2009

Procreate with Friends

After a Saturday spent at L's beautiful baby shower, watching her open cute presents, eating her delicious tastings, and all of the awww's and sooo cute's you can take in for one day, I have decided that I would like to procreate with friends. Not that you can always plan these things, but if given the opportunity, I sure would like to!

My friends J&J&L are all preggers right now, and it is absolutely breathtaking and heartwarming to be around these grateful mommies and their cute smiles and their funny stories about experiences I don't know how to relate to. But that's just it, I don't know how to relate. And all of these things, albeit beautiful and magical...are overwhelming, terrifying, and real, people. Thank goodness they have eachother. Because no matter how many times your mom or your sister did it, it wasn't now. For example, while shaving your ahem may have been overlooked in the 80's, I would like to know what I need to do now, in 2009, in order to keep these areas maintained, even though I can't see past my gigantic child-bearing tummy.

So, when boyfriend and I are ready to take the plunge, I hope it is alongside some of my most trusted girlfriends. Hey, just because I look really cute with a baby, doesn't mean I know what the hell I'm doing yet.

Photo credit: Baby Gia H.

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