Thursday, June 25, 2009

Greedy and Looooooooving Maegan

I've been learning some new tricks from this awesome blog, Maegan. Trust me, you will love her too. For a few weeks now, she has been my little secret. And I have loved her that way. Her style is what mine would be on a bigger budget, but her DIY's help with that too. She's sassy and honest, and everything I strive for in my blog. Don't be surprised to see me trying out her fringe necklace and various gratuitous outfits because I loooooooooove her. I've been wanting to share her with you for a while now, but I couldn't bear to let go of such an awesome find without savoring it for a few weeks on my own first.
I know, I'm a greedy bitch that way.


  1. i agree she is pretty great. i follow her as well :D

  2. @anhesty I saw your comment on her page, nice to see you! I am following you now too ;)