Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dirndl and Lederhosen

Another pic from Germany and yes that's a dirndl I’m wearing. We go all out, the guys wear lederhosen too. This is Marcus. He's a lot of fun, and he's a great friend to have around when you're going to Oktoberfest. He knew lots of people, and got us into tents without worry; even the fancy tent where celebrities post up and drink beer. Although those weren't much different than the Hofbrauhaus or the Armbrustschutzen tents, other than the people were much cleaner and the tent had nicer hops hanging from the ceiling. It’s such a good time. What they don’t tell you though, that you might expect, is that there are tents set up for the alcoholics, with medics and nurses there to help rehydrate and keep folks that get out of hand (and that’s the majority of everyone) alive. I can literally taste the cold beer, it’s getting that close.

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