Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February 3rd Tuesday (It's Cookie Time!)

I just bought my 8th box today.

I swear these girls get commission, or their mother’s do for that matter. Have you ever seen more fanny packs in one place (other than Disney World)?
Even the Mon-A-Vie and Earn-to-Shop marketing ploys can’t beat the good ol’ girl scouts. Screw millions of dollars on crappy Super Bowl ads and free Grand-Slam breakfasts, just put a couple of kids in a sash and a skirt on a street corner and you’ve got yourself great product placement. (What are we teaching these kids anyway?)
My sister and I were girl scouts for a brief 1-year period. I blame this on the movie, Troop Beverly Hills, and the suggestion that we would be designing all new uniforms, earning patches for upgrading our accessories and hair-styles, and putting on a rockin’ concert to sell our cookies. I’d be interested to know how many other young girls were scammed by Shelley Long and her Wilderness Girls.

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