Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9th Monday

Liz brought a million yummy cupcakes to our girls’ night on Saturday. Today, I brought them to work to get them out of my house! They are way too delicious to be trusted with me alone on a Monday night. The first 20 went fast; the next 16 required a bit more of a push. My office is constantly full of sweets, and people actually get angry at you for bringing things like this in. It was a big risk having them sit in my office for such a long time (about 1 hour), so I took them over to the coffee station and left them for the vultures that swarm at about 3PM.

FYI: Lizzie is a creative, spunky baker that will make anything for you (think Ace of Cakes) 561-236-4906 or in South Florida.

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