Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday March 22nd

Kim bought me this awesome photo hanging-thingy as a housewarming gift, which is super cool. It took forever to find a place to hang it where it actually looked decent (and the nail went in to the ceiling easily...) so I hung it up yesterday, along with some art I bought. I might put pictures in it for now, or cards I get from friends (now that I have my own place, I tend to get a lot of cards in the mail from my friends! Thanks ladies!) But I was also thinking for parties, I could change the pictures to who is attending, or do something theme-appropriate. It's the little things like this that I get such a kick out of. Oh, and I also attempted to put up the new chandelier I purchased, but it's just not ready. I think I want to paint it a dark purple/red first, it's a really boring wood color now.

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