Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday March 2nd

Tonight I went and saw the movie "He's Just Not That into You" with Kim. Which I thought was an honest depiction of just how desperate women and men can be.

Afterwards, I went home and put a mask on, stumbled upon and watched the last and only episode I've seen of, "The Bachelor" (what the hell is wrong with that guy anyway!), woke up this morning to CNN (of all channels!) discussing a book, “Cracking the Love Code” (which actually sounds brilliant) and an article on Lemondrop that reviewed a woman that lost half her body weight in order to lose her virginity (seriously, WTF!).

If the single life is really so difficult to be a part of, why are more and more people settling down and having children so much later in life than they used to? I'll tell you why, it's because marriage has gotten a bad rap.

So, having gone on my rant, I'd like to conclude by inviting all of the happily married, happily coupled, or even happily single people to post a comment on this blog, start their own blog, or just to simply tell someone just how happy you are. Just like our economy, nothing is going to get any better until we start putting our money where our mouth is. Are there any more happy endings out there?

I say prove it.


  1. I like to think I have a good marriage. :) I don't think it's lost. I just think we live in very selfish times right now. It will make a come-back. It's human nature to want to be needed and to need others.

    you're absolutely right though, things don't change until you will it to and make it....

  2. At age 32, I found a guy 18 years my senior to spend my time with. We equally want to have each other's company and both of our past lessons have taught us a lot about enjoying each other's company. A year and a half later, so far so good. I wish I had the book, "He's just not that into you", like, 15 years ago!!!!!