Friday, May 8, 2009

Sushi with friends

Friday was another lunch date with my good friends D&M. I've known them now for a couple of years, and met them when I was an HR Manager at a Finance Company that surely should have been a victim of someone going postal by now. I've never been blackmailed in a job before this gig, and I promise you, I will never be in another situation like that again. Poor D still works at the trecherous place; luckily, M got out a few months ago. I'm pretty sure there will be less freaks at the NINja concert tonight than there are contained in the walls of the Executive offices at that firm.

p.s. Trent Rezner put on a boring show for the last one played and thank GOD for Dave Navarro on the guitar for Jane's Addiction - otherwise, all I would remember from the show is Perry Farrell humping his sound system and falling down TWICE.

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