Thursday, July 23, 2009

I won't hold my breath

So the owner of the condo I'm trying feverishly to rent out has taken 3 months to show it a mere 3 times. I've provided ample notice, continued to pay her, and brought her a couple of renters that wanted to take the place over. Her and the realtor have made it impossible to get this off of my hands by being completely unavailable and unattentive to the situation. She says she's going to have the realtor hold an open house, and put an ad in the paper. My question is, why does it take people so long to do what's right? I won't be holding my breath on this one.

1 comment:

  1. after 8 months, she cant charge you (florida law says after 8 months, you have paid the morgage and the rest is pocket money to them.. so to speak) If you gave her ample notice, and have paid even some with out living there, then she owes YOU money. Because with proper notice of leaving you dont have to pay (also florida law). I say, send her a letter from a lawyer to get her butt in gear. Even if it is a letter from you, with a made up Lawyer name. I have gone through this twice with management companies, and once with a condo, i live in Orlando, so i know the deal around here. Contact me if you want more suggestions.