Thursday, January 29, 2009

29th Birthday

Hey, it's my birthday...I thought, that brie and espresso martinis were the cap on the excitement for my big day. Dinner with 14 of your closest friends is a perfect way to turn 29. And, a great dive bar afterwards is ideal for a nice competitive game of ring toss, a jukebox full of Journey songs, and a run in with a rehab-escapee. (Which statement does not belong in this sentence?)
We made instant friends with a stoutly man sporting a Lebowski-like robe the minute we arrived. Our first clue should have been the logo on the upper left of that fluffy terry-cloth number that wasn't from any of the hotels close by. I love a good mystery.
Perhaps he came from a party?
Once Valerie decided a picture would be necessary with Big L, we then noticed (seemingly all at once) the IV drip stuck in his left arm. And there's our cue.
It's going to be another great year!

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